How Much Are Common Appliances Costing You?

How much are the appliances in your home actually costing you? It only takes a little bit of energy to save on energy costs. Even the small costs can add up in a very big way. This guide from Solar Power Guide shows both the estimated energy use and the estimated energy cost for common appliances and electronics around your home.

Here’s how much the appliances and devices around your home are costing you on an hourly, monthly, and even annual basis.

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How Much Are Common Appliances Costing You? - Solar Power Guide - Infographic

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An electric furnace will cost you the most when it comes to heating your home, as the estimated energy use is 10.5 kWh per hour, which costs roughly $1.37 per hour. Heat pump heat strips are similar in both energy use and hourly cost, at an estimated 10 kWh per hour ($1.30 per hour). Devices such as baseboard heaters and portable heaters are much more cost-efficient. For example, a portable heater (1500 W) uses about 1.5 kWh of energy per hour ($0.20 per hour).


The electronics in your home certainly vary in terms of the amount of energy that they’ll use. For those who enjoy playing video games, it’s estimated that the Nintendo Switch uses 157.17 kWh of energy each year (at an annual estimated cost of $20.50), the PlayStation 4 uses 181 kWh annually ($23.53 per year), and the Xbox One uses an estimated 233 kWh per year ($30.29 annually). One device that will cost you much less on an annual basis is a streaming device like a Roku, which uses roughly 26.2 kWh of energy each year, with an average annual cost of just $3.41.


Some common items that draw power in a bathroom include a curling iron and a hair dryer. These are both very inexpensive, as a curling iron uses approximately 0.15 kWh per hour ($0.02 hourly cost) and a hair dryer will run you about $0.20 per hour (1.5 kWh estimated energy use on an hourly basis).


For your clothes dryer, each load of laundry costs between $0.33 and $0.52, depending on if it’s a light or heavy load. The estimated energy use is 2.5 to 4.0 kWh per load. A heat pump dryer uses 0.54 kWh worth of energy per load of laundry, costing you roughly $0.07 per load.


Your kitchen is certainly where the most appliances will be found! Here’s how much some common kitchen appliances cost you, along with their estimated energy use.

  • Coffee Maker: $0.02 per brew cycle (0.12 kWh per brew cycle)
  • Dishwasher (energy-saver cycle): $0.07 per load (0.5 kWh per load)
  • Dishwasher (normal cycle, not including hot water): $0.13 to $0.28 per load (1 to 2.17 kWh per load)
  • Microwave oven: $0.02 per 5 minutes (0.12 kWh per 5 minutes)
  • Oven: $0.03 per hour (2.3 kWh hourly)
  • Toaster oven: $0.10 per hour (0.75 kWh per hour)

Other Household Goods

  • Aquarium: $0.01 to $0.16 per hour (0.05 to 1.21 kWh per hour)
  • Clock: $0.26 to $0.52 per month (2 to 4 kWh per month)
  • Iron: $0.14 per hour ($1.08 kWh per hour)
  • Vacuum cleaner: $0.10 per hour (0.75 kWh per hour)
Written and designed by Joe Robertson