The Top Solar Energy Companies by Revenue

Solar energy is taking the world by storm. Many areas are offering incentives to residents in order to encourage them to get solar panels installed. Do you know which solar companies are making the most money around the world?

This visualization from Solar Power Guide examines the annual revenue data for some of the top solar companies that are currently publicly traded in either the U.S. or Canada to see which companies were the most successful based on their revenues.

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The Top Solar Energy Companies by Revenue - Solar Power Guide - Infographic

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Which Solar Energy Companies Earn the Most Based on Revenue?

The following are the largest solar companies ranked by revenue:

  1. JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd.: $4,600,000,000
  2. Canadian Solar Inc.: $3,200,000,000
  3. First Solar Inc.: $3,100,000,000
  4. GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd.: $2,800,000,000
  5. SunPower Corp.: $1,900,000,000
  6. SolarEdge Technologies Inc.: $1,600,000,000
  7. Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd.: $1,200,000,000
  8. Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd.: $1,200,000,000
  9. SMA Solar Technology AG: $1,200,000,000
  10. Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC: $972,400,000

The top company on the list is JinkoSolar, located in Shanghai, with revenue of $4.6 billion. It is the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. It went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010 and distributes its products to commercial and residential customers around the world, including China, the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Second on the list is Canadian Solar, with revenue of $3.2 billion. The company produces solar PV modules and was founded in Ontario, Canada, in 2001. They went public in 2016 on NASDAQ. Most of Canadian Solar’s production is done in Canada and China, and their plant in Ontario has a capacity of more than 500 MW per year.

The third company on the list is First Solar, which is based in the United States. It went public in 2006 and was listed as number one on Solar Power World magazine’s list of solar contactors in 2012 and 2013. The company has its headquarters in Tempe, AZ, and is one of the top solar providers in the U.S.

Fourth on the list is GCL-Poly. This solar company is based in Hong Kong, was founded in 1996, and is the largest supplier of polysilicon in China. It is also one of the leading suppliers of electronic wafers for the solar industry.

Coming in at number five on the list of top solar providers is SunPower. It was created in 1985 in San Jose, CA, and is a leading seller of panels, mounting hardware, batteries, and monitoring software.

The Top Solar Power Companies by Revenue

The following is the full ranking of solar companies ranked by their 12-month trailing revenue as of September 2020:

Company Revenue Headquarters Country
JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. $4,600,000,000 Shanghai China
Canadian Solar Inc. $3,200,000,000 Guelph, Ontario Canada
First Solar Inc.


Tempe, AZ United States
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd. $2,800,000,000 Hong Kong Hong Kong
SunPower Corp. $1,900,000,000 San Jose, CA United States
SolarEdge Technologies Inc. $1,600,000,000


Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd. $1,200,000,000 Wuhu, Anhui China
Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. $1,200,000,000 Baoding, Hebei China
SMA Solar Technology AG $1,200,000,000 Niestetal, Hesse Germany
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC $972,400,000 Brentford United Kingdom


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Written and designed by Joe Robertson