Solar Power and Battery Storage

The biggest myth about solar power is that you can only count on it when the sun shines. While you do need the sun's rays to generate electricity, you're not out of luck the moment the sun goes down or clouds roll in. Residential energy systems can be paired with a battery storage system to store some of the power you gather during the day so you can use that power when the sun isn't shining. It can be a pricey addition to your solar panel installation costs, but it can provide a variety of benefits.

  • Battery storage provides power around the clock, so you can use energy generated during the day later on instead of relying on the utility company. This can save you money in the evening when it's more expensive, protect your wallet from rising utility costs, and keep your power on during an outage.
  • Battery storage can help you better track the energy generated in your system for better precision and transparency.
  • Battery storage allows you to be self-sufficient with your energy so you don't have to use any electricity from the utility company. This can bring you closer to "off the grid" status if that's a goal you're working toward!