7 Reasons Why Solar Power is Better Than Other Types of Energy

Solar power is a renewable green source of energy that doesn't produce air pollution or greenhouse gases while operating. There are plenty of reasons why solar power is better than other forms of energy, especially nonrenewable energy sources.

  1. Solar power doesn't use fossil fuels to power itself and it also doesn't have a significant impact on local ecosystems like hydropower potentially can.
  2. The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has stated that solar energy can help reduce water scarcity and could even have a positive effect on human health because solar power plants don't pollute the air.
  3. Adding more solar panels can help fight climate change. Pollutants add CO2 to the air and increase the carbon count, which retains the heat from the sun. If there are more solar power plants and less dependence on fossil fuels, it can clear the air of excess CO2 emissions!
  4. Solar power can help you save on your power bills since you'll be using more power from your solar panels during the day instead of the electricity grid. In some cases, you may even make more power than you use and you could sell some of that power to your power company.
  5. Solar panels are low maintenance and can last for up to 25 years with only the occasional cleaning and potentially a replacement inverter. This is much less work than most other sources of energy.
  6. Making the switch to solar power could also make your property more appealing if you plan to rent or sell your home. It's a popular feature in some places and can add to the market value of your home!
  7. Switching to solar power is increasingly affordable. In fact, prices of getting started with solar have fallen over 70% in the last ten years, which means that is more accessible than ever before. You'll even see a return on your investment much quicker than in years past, especially if you check out your state and federal government's solar tax credits to recoup some of the money you spent!

Making the switch to solar power is better than ever before and while there are pros and cons to every source of energy, it can do more good for the environment and your budget than most other sources of energy currently available.