Solar Power When Camping

Solar panels are most commonly associated with homes and businesses, but you can get just as much use out of them while enjoying the great outdoors. The prolonged exposure to the sunshine you'll have while camping makes it an ideal time to break out some solar-powered gadgets.

Here are some of the coolest solar-powered items you can take with you on your next camping trip.

Solar-Powered Lantern

What better way to use solar power than by generating light once the sun has set? These handy lanterns use the sun's rays to build up a charge during the day, so you're better equipped during the night. Many of the models come with high-power and low-power modes and even an SOS feature for use in emergencies.

Solar-Powered Generator

Just because you're camping doesn't mean you have to go completely without electronics. For anything you need to keep charged or powered, a solar-powered generator will have you covered. These generators work just like any other model with the exception that they build up energy from sunlight. Most of them come with a variety of different outputs, from standard outlets to USB ports, so you can charge phones, laptops, or anything you may bring.

Solar-Powered Speakers

Sometimes you want to escape to the wilderness to enjoy the serenity of nature. Other times, though, you want to have fun with your friends and family and that means cranking up the tunes. At these times, a solar-powered speaker is just what you need. These portable speakers require nothing more than some sunshine and often include Bluetooth pairing for wireless dance parties. Many will even charge while you're playing your music so you never have to put the good times on pause.

Solar-Powered Portable Fan

Camping out in a tent under the stars can be a very comfortable experience. However, on muggy summer nights, it can also be very uncomfortable. Beat the heat by bringing along a solar-powered portable fan on your next camping trip. These fans can charge during the day so that they can keep your tent pleasantly cool at night.